The Displaced Nation

A home for international creatives

An expat / internationalist / global nomad version of “The 12 Days of Christmas”

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… Click on the link to get a profile of an expat or traveler — each of whom has a uniquely entertaining holiday story to tell!

12 strange traditions [Kate Reuterswärd, American expat in Sweden]

11 cameras clicking [David Hagerman, American expat in Malaysia]

10 sprouts a-Brussling [Janet Newenham, Irish internationalist]

9 cellphones dancing [Matthew Chozick, American expat in Japan]

8 Whoopis whooping [Karen van der Zee, Dutch.American expat in Moldova]

7 skiers a-partying [Iain Mallory, English adventurer]

6 spouses trailing [Santi Dharmaputra, Indonesian expat in Australia]

5 gooooofy expats. [Lyn Fuchs, American expat in Mexico]

4 English cheeses [Michelle Garrett, American expat in England]

3 decent whiskies [Brian Peter, Scottish expat in Brazil]

2 candy boxes [Wendy Tokunaga, American Japanophile]

& an Irishman in a palm tree! [Robin Graham, Irish expat in Spain]

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