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Ahoy, mateys! Splice the mainbrace. The Displaced Nation has spotted some treasure!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAhoy me hearties! Two years ago on Monday, The Three Pirateers — how I like to refer to Anthony Windram, Kate Allison and myself, the Displaced Nation’s founding contributors — swashbuckled our way into this site and declared it a home for ourselves and anyone else who has ever felt “displaced”.

Land ho! we cried, thinking we’d finally found a place to settle our poor, restless souls. No foolin’! (Hm, I wish I were sometimes!)

But as time went on, we were less confident about the nomenclature we’d selected:

Our debates always ended with one of us saying: “Let’s drink grog before the fog.” And a bottle of rum would be passed around … after which we’d conclude that even if we couldn’t find a satisfactory descriptor for our state of mind, international travel had changed us into a bunch of scallywags.

By that I mean, people who’ve taken the road less traveled by — which, ironically, means we’ve traveled more than most. Certainly more than our kith and kin. Indeed, a significant number of us come from families where we are the only ones leading the so-called displaced life.

Our not-so-hidden booty

Avast ye!

We were so busy navel (hahaha) gazing for our first two years that we missed the treasure that was right in front of us.

It wasn’t even buried!

Our treasure, of course, consists of those creative geniuses who’ve produced something remarkable out of the displaced life — be it a novel, a travelogue, an artwork, a business or a social enterprise.

Blow me down! We are a site for international creatives, that’s what we are.

Blimey, how come it took so long for us to figure it out?

Our second incarnation

“Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!” I can hear some of you saying. “I don’t give a crusty stocking for your second incarnation. I like the Displaced Nation just the way it is.”

To which I may respond: “It ain’t healthy fer a ship to sail too long without off loadin’ some cargo, lest it start to fester, aye?”

That said, to call this a second incarnation may be going a tad overboard.

Particularly as we still have a category “just for laughs.”

Indeedy deed. We will continue to shelter anyone whose travels have helped them to cultivate a cutlass-sharp sense of humor.

We’ve still got our black pirate hearts…

Besides, we aren’t clearing the deck completely. That wench Libby — and her crawfish! — will still be here. But on the weeks when she isn’t published, we will have posts full of observations on England versus New England (the stuff that matters when navigating the globe!).

And we’ll still have Capital Ideas — only the treasure hunts will be even richer.

And we’ll of course have even more writers and artists on board.

Last but far from least, we’ll be rolling out some new columns. I’m not giving anything away here, but one of our new mateys is the infamous Cap’n Jack! (Now if that isn’t a hook, I don’t know what is!!)

Aye, plenty of booty for ye!

* * *

Okay, I’ve got two pistols, one plank and I’m out of patience. Any questions?! Seriously, if you have comments or suggestions as we proceed into our third year, let us know! And every time you run across a creative work by a displaced person, please email me (or one of my mateys)! I don’t know about the rest of ’em, but I can be reached at ml [at] thedisplacednation [dot] com.

Until then, may fair winds and good grog come yer way — and never forget that from now on, ye know where “home” is!

STAY TUNED for tomorrow’s post, some musings on the fine art of photography in an international travel setting by Andy Martin.

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6 responses to “Ahoy, mateys! Splice the mainbrace. The Displaced Nation has spotted some treasure!!

  1. giddayfromtheuk April 3, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    Hooray for Cap’n Jack! Looking forward to it….

  2. Lynn April 3, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    Me timbers are shiverin’! Pass the rum please 😉 Looking forward to the new look.

  3. Emily Cannell April 5, 2013 at 3:45 am

    Like the evolution- you scurvy lot!

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