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CLEOPATRA FOR A DAY: Fashion & beauty diary of Third Culture Kid Tiffany Lake-Haeuser

Let’s all line up and curtsy to the 16-year-old German-American Tiffany Lake-Haeuser, who has just disembarked on the shores of The Displaced Nation. Born in New York City to German parents, this Third Culture Kid returned “home” to Germany when she was six and then at age 13, moved with her family to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Now back in Frankfurt, she divides her time between this city and Paris, where her father currently resides. Today she will play the role of Queen of the Nile and let us in on the fashion and beauty secrets she’s collected from her travels.


I’ve become a big fan of black eyeliner after living in the Middle East. (The real Cleopatra would approve!) The more conservative Arab women in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE don’t wear eyeliner, but those who are more modern or Westernized often wear quite a lot. They all have such nice eyes and long eye lashes, so it always looks striking. Eyeliner easily takes an ordinary make-up to something special.


Living in the Middle East also taught me that eyebrow shaping helps frame the face and makes people look elegant. Even though it’s painful, I get my eyebrows done regularly.

And from my various travels, I’ve learned how important it is to take care of one’s skin and hair, especially since those are two things people notice right away when they they meet you.


My hair has been very long, but I recently had it cut to much shorter. I have pretty much done everything with my hair from long to short to all different kinds of bangs. The only thing I haven’t done is dye my hair, because I am afraid it will be damaged.


My favorite piece of clothing from my travels is not so exotic. It’s a big dark blue woolly cardigan that I bought at the Urban Outfitters in London. I love that sweater because it is so comfortable. Sometimes it can be hard to combine with an outfit, but I’ve discovered some ways I think work well.


I have never bought lingerie in any country other than my own but I would imagine South America to have nice lingerie so I would definitely keep an eye out for that if I ever travel there.


My favorite piece of jewelry is a ring my mom bought me at a market in Sharjah (the capital city of Sharjah, one of the emirate states). It has a black smooth stone and a silver frame; the stone is slightly bigger, too. I really like the fact that it doesn’t come from a store that mass produces their stuff, but instead it’s different and individual.


I am wearing a pair of black jeggings, which I recently got at the German clothing store People’s Place. In my opinion, they are flattering and you can never really go wrong with a comfy pair of skinny jeans. I am also wearing a light green sweatshirt, which is the softest piece of clothing I own (also from People’s Place), and a slightly cropped pastel-pink shirt. It’s also amazingly soft — it’s from a Roman boutique called Brandy Melville, their store in New York City. For accessories I have on a feather necklace from the Urban Outfitters in Frankfurt and a black flower ring that comes from a small jewelry store on the outskirts of Frankfurt.


I always read Glamour magazine, especially since it has so many versions: German, British, American and Australian. I like to see the differences in fashion around the globe. (British and French magazines have the most cutting-edge fashions, though.) And I read a lot of fashion blogs: for instance, Birds of a feather flock together — by Cailin Klohk, an 18-year-old half-Irish, half-German girl who lives near Frankfurt — and Snakes Nest (an American one).

Actually, I created my own blog at the end of last year as my dream now is to become a fashion journalist. It’s called Girl on the Run. I chose the name because of my many moves and travels, which makes me feel like life never stands still and I am constantly discovering new things.


Alexa Chung is very present across Europe — I think she has a beautiful and individual style. She mixes some pieces no one would think of to mix, yet they work so wonderfully together. Also, she seems to follow her own instincts instead of being a slave to current fashion trends.


I like to go to the Zeil/Hauptwache area in Frankfurt to people watch; there are so many different kinds of people and fashion-forward styles. I especially like to look at people’s bags as I have a slight obsession with bags.


From all my travels, I have learned that it is important to follow one’s own tastes and cultivate one’s own style instead of just mimicking fashion trends. There are so many beautiful ways to dress in the world, and seeing them has really opened my eyes and made me open to experimenting with what really suits me.

Tiffany Lake-Haeuser is an 11th-grade student at Frankfurt International School with an ambition to become a fashion journalist some day. For more of her fashion impressions and beauty advice, follow her blog, Girl on the Run, which she plans to update regularly now that it’s spring break!

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Images: (clockwise beginning with large picture on left): Tiffany Lake-Haeuser on the balcony of her father’s apartment in Paris, sporting her shorter hairdo; applying eyeliner; her Emerati ring (a gift from her mother); and a side view of her beloved cardie from London (Urban Outfitters).

6 responses to “CLEOPATRA FOR A DAY: Fashion & beauty diary of Third Culture Kid Tiffany Lake-Haeuser

  1. ML Awanohara March 31, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    @Tiffany (what an apt name for a fashion & beauty discussion!)
    Thanks so much for doing this interview. I do have one follow-up Q for you, if I may. I know it’s early days in terms of your taking trips to visit your dad in Paris, but do you think your style will be influenced by what you observe in that city? Are Parisian fashions and beauty habits quite different from what you observe in Frankfurt? Just curious, especially after my interview with Jennifer Scott, who has written a book based on the style tips she received from living with a French family… (We are doing a giveway of the book, btw, to Dispatch subscribers!)

    • Tiffany Lake-Haeuser April 2, 2012 at 6:08 pm

      I do think it will influence me because I love absorbing fashion and I take in a lot of what is around me. All these things I influence my fashion style, so I would definitely say so.

  2. Anastasia M. Ashman (@AnastasiaAshman) April 1, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Tiffany, with your new style blog Girl on the Run you could be the globalist, TCK version of TAVI! Also, I think your perspective really sets you apart from other fashionistas since you are not only experimenting with all these influences (kohl-style eyeliner!) but in your travels taking in a lot of concentrated snapshots of the style sensibilities in particular locations. Enjoyed reading your interview, see you out there in displaced style land.

    • Tiffany Lake-Haeuser April 2, 2012 at 7:59 pm

      Thank you so much! I just think traveling is so amazing and am glad that I am able to experience what I have experienced

  3. Helena Halme (@helenahalme) April 2, 2012 at 10:06 am

    What a sensible and experienced beauty expert you are at the tender age of sixteen! I completely agree re eyebrows, hair and skin. (Although I think I might add nails too). If you keep these basics in order, the rest sort of falls in place.

    My Daughter is 21 and her favourite store in London is Urban Outfitters. I’m sure she actually has that same jumper in a mustard yellow colour….

    Great blog! xx

    • Tiffany Lake-Haeuser April 2, 2012 at 8:01 pm

      Thank you! Yes nails are also very important.
      Urban Outfitters is so amazing. My sister has the same jumper in white and I was actually considering the mustard one back when I bought my blue one.

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