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“Living in the Midwest,” by Susanna Daniel

Join us today in eating some virtural Wisconsin cheese on crackers and drinking White Russians in honor of our favorite article of the week: “Living in the Midwest” by Susanna Daniel. (Later on, there might even be some tap dancing on the bar in Dansko clogs!)

Susanna reinforces our theory that you can suffer culture displacement without the inconvenience of an international flight — in this case, by moving from New York to Iowa and Wisconsin.

I’m considered an outsider by many locals, even after a decade, even considering my roots here…  When or if I’ll ever slough off the designation of “recent transplant,” I’m not sure.

Let us know when you do, please. It’s OK. We’re patient people.

Susanna Daniel is the author of the novel “Stiltsville.”  You can find her at

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