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Lyn Fuchs, American expat in Mexico: A raider of the lost art of philosophizing

As January comes to its close, our theme of Spiritual Enlightenment Through Travel would not be complete without a reference to Lyn Fuchs, author of Sacred Ground and Holy Water, and publisher of Sacred Ground Travel Magazine.

Lyn, of course, was our 5th Nomad of Christmas, where he stated his Most Displaced Christmas Moment was:

On December 24th 2008, [when] I was displaced from the palace of an elegant and voluptuous Saudi princess, after I attempted to demonstrate a “traditional Christmas goose.” I still fantasize about returning and showing her how to do a “traditional Christmas stuffing.”

From this, we can gather that the Political Correctness Movement is something that doesn’t bother Lyn a whole lot. Probably that’s the reason I fell in love with his first book, Sacred Ground & Holy Water, and will be buying his second, Fresh Wind and Strange Fire, when it is published.

If your only knowledge of Lyn is via his Christmas Nomad answers, it would be easy to assume that this un-PC, flippant personality is who he is. You may be wondering why someone with the nickname of Lyndiana Jones is the subject of a post about spiritual enlightenment.

To answer this, let me refer you to the Chique Show on Blog Talk Radio, where author Barbara Conelli interviewed Lyn this month.

In forty-five minutes, Lyn talks about his books, his writing, his philosophy on life – and how they came to be that way.

As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover.

Or a deep thinker by his Christmas Nomad answers.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On Mexico:

Lyn has lived in Mexico for a total of six years, and is currently Professor at the University of Papaloapan.

Mexico is probably the best place on earth to learn how to practice nirvana. India invented the theory of nirvana but Mexicans…invented the practice of it.

Mexicans are some of the happiest people in the world…You learn a lot here about how to live in the moment…Sometimes you really start living when you lose your fear of dying.

I would say that one of the things about Mexico I love the most is that philosophically they’ve taught me to be happy.

On writing:

Writing really started for me about ten years ago… I was in a remote valley [in Canada] for several months and basically I had nothing to do but exercise, cook, pray, listen to the wolves howl, and watch the snow fall…

I went from being a person that talked all the time to a person that actually had something to say.

So I grabbed a pen and I started reflecting on my life, and my life stories turned into magazine articles. Sometimes your destiny discovers you.

On travel and spirituality:

Travel brings you in contact with global spirituality, and whatever your religious label, if you travel, you begin to discover the spirituality of the universe…if that doesn’t sound too cheesy.

Deeper than just the [physical] movement from this place to that place is really what’s happening to our spirit when we travel.

On academia:

Books alone do not make a human experience.

Intelligence is what God did for you; the real question is “What did you do in return?”

On people’s fixation with politically correct vocabulary when the facts of the big picture are more important:

Sometimes North American hypersensitivity isn’t very sensitive. My books are for people who want to see a part of the world that is beyond their comfort zone.

On his own blunt writing style:

I think I have a responsibility to report the world as I experience it. I may not be right, but at least I’m telling you what I think I saw.

My writing blends spirituality and sexuality which often offends pretty much everybody, but writing honest books helps me sleep at night.

Click here to listen to the full interview on the Chique Show

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