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LIBBY’S LIFE #71 – Bonnie and Clyde go to preschool

Jack and I sit at the kitchen table, surrounded by the Disney Valentine cards and heart-decorated pencils I bought in January. It’s serious business, writing out sixteen Valentine cards when you’ve only just learned your alphabet — Jack, not me — and over the course of this afternoon’s school project, Jack’s right fist has acquired […]

LIBBY’S LIFE #70 – A brewing storm

Jack lies on the kitchen floor in his red pyjamas, legs and arms flailing, his face a puce, wet, dripping mess. He looks like an overripe tomato. “I want Fergus!” he wails, then hitches in a breath for more volume. “I — want — Fergus — baaaack!” Despite all the episodes of Supernanny that I’ve […]

LIBBY’S LIFE #69 – This dog’s life takes the biscuit

Fergus looks up at me, down at his empty dish in the corner of the laundry room, then back at me again. I could be imagining things, but I think his lip is curling. “No,” I say to him, as I pull one lot of washing out of the dryer and insert another wet load. […]

LIBBY’S LIFE #68 – Puppy fat

The paediatrician pinches a wad of baby flesh and plunges her syringe into the right thigh of an unsuspecting George. A couple of seconds of silence while George’s bottom lip sticks out and he fixes me with a reproachful stare. Then, tears squirting from his eyes, he opens his mouth wide and lets rip a […]

LIBBY’S LIFE #67 – Lights in the rearview mirror

2 a.m., Tuesday, January 1st, 2013. A new day, a New Year, and I’m still awake. Oliver isn’t. He’s lying beside me in our bed, snoring gently, exhausted from all our hard partying on New Year’s Eve. I’m exaggerating, naturally. New Year’s Eve consisted of putting the children to bed, opening a bottle of wine, […]

LIBBY’S LIFE #66 – The ladies in red

Libby: “You might want to visit the restroom,” I whisper to Melissa. “You’re losing your dress.” I’m not a spiteful person — really, I’m not — but it’s very satisfying to have Oliver looking at me as if I’m a present he can’t wait to get home and unwrap, while oblivious to the fact that […]

LIBBY’S LIFE #65 – All about a dress (by Melissa)

Scene: A holiday office party at a Golf Club near Woodhaven. Libby and Oliver are already there, and Libby has just seen her nemesis, Melissa, arrive, wearing an identical dress to her own. Melissa:  This dress is kinda tight and I have to suck in my belly because even two pairs of Spanx aren’t doing […]

LIBBY’S LIFE #64 – Shades of red (2, not 50)

“Do I look OK?” I ask, fastening the clasp on my necklace, and turning to face Oliver. After a desperate couple of hours yesterday in Macy’s, I’d bought a lipstick red, off-the-shoulder dress to wear to tonight’s torturous party. Now I’m zipped into it, I’m pleasantly surprised at how I look. You know, considering I’ve […]

LIBBY’S LIFE #63: A post from Melissa

Kate:  We’ve heard a lot about Libby and Oliver’s landlady, but only from Libby’s biased point of view. In today’s episode, the woman herself, Melissa Harvey Connor, takes the stage.  Can she redeem her reputation after everything Libby’s told us about her?  Melissa:  Life has a way of sorting itself out. It doesn’t matter what happens, […]

LIBBY’S LIFE #62 – Private investigations

It looks much easier in movies. Being a private detective, I mean. If this were a movie, for example. I’d have taken Oliver’s phone with us to the park and, while Jack played nicely on the slide, I’d have scrolled through a couple of texts and emails until — ta-da! — I discovered irrefutable evidence […]